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Being “Average” is Beginning to Look Good — and That’s a Very Bad Thing

Last Updated on Feb 6, 2017 5:00:00 PM

Last March, in a blog post entitled The Florida public schools’ student-to-counselor ratio, aka “Do we really want to be average?, we decried the fact that Florida public high schools’ student-to-counselor ratio in 2013-14 exactly matched the national average. Result? An average of only about five and one-half minutes of face-to-face time between student and counselor each week (based on the absurd assumption that counselors spend all of their time working with individual students). And we presented information showing why that assumption was absurd. In short, the sheer weight of numbers and paucity of time precluded school counselors from giving our students – our children, our future leaders and future contributors to the welfare of our society – the individual attention needed and deserved.

Topics: Florida Public Schools, Test-Prep, Educational-Consulting

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Topics: Florida Public Schools, Test-Prep, Educational-Consulting