Score Academy Renew's Accreditation with AdvancED


By: Jason Robinovitz | Last Updated: July 6, 2017

We did it again! Score Academy was recommended for renewal of their 5-Year accreditation by AdvancED.

Our schools and learning centers submitted to a rigorous re-accreditation process that involves internal and external review and evaluation. The AdvancED team, who visited each of our facilities, carefully considered how well we use a carefully crafted framework for continuous improvement.

During the external review visit, the team met with members of our leadership team, parents and community stakeholders; observed classrooms; and interacted with students and staff. The External Review Team compared our written self-assessments and supporting evidence to our actual practices in order to affirm our positive results and confirm our areas for improvement.

The outcome: AdvancED Accreditation for another five years, and a detailed report identifying our opportunities for improvement to guide us in our continuous improvement process. The External Review Team identified several “powerful practices,” including

Surpassing parental expectations with our frequent communication about their child’s learning

Fostering meaningful relationships through intentional advocacy to develop the whole child, addressing both social/emotional and academic needs

Why is accreditation important?

It demonstrates education quality among a wide range of education providers. We get additional tools and the know-how to ensure students are actively engaged in learning to be college- and career-ready.

What does accreditation mean for students?

We consider these critical questions: Do students have everything they need to optimize their learning? Are students prepared to succeed in college or their career? As AdvancED-accredited schools and learning centers, we have access to valuable resources and tools that provide answers to these questions and more. We’re equipped to better identify and implement strategies for improvement, giving parents peace of mind that we care about the quality of their children’s education.

Our Greatest Resource

Next to a parent, a teacher is one of the most influential figures in a student's life. So as parents, you want to know that teachers are working all the time to improve the learning opportunities for your child. In our accredited schools or learning centers, we pay attention to providing the resources and tools that lead to success in the classroom.

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