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Bonafide experts with a passion for educational excellence

Small Class SATT Academy.jpgWe are degreed experts with extensive subject knowledge and significant teaching or tutoring experience. We possess a passion for teaching coupled with a thorough understanding of our subjects, expert study skills, and effective communication skills. Teaching 1-on-1 or to a very small group based upon each student’s unique learning style requires real expertise – and we at Score Academy have it. Because our learning community relies as much on our outgoing personalities as it does on our academic expertise, you’ll find that our enthusiasm for teaching and learning is contagious. We truly engage a student in the learning process.

Your child’s personality and learning style inform our choice of the right teachers. No matter whether your student has a successful academic track record, or has struggled with schoolwork, we’ve got the resources to help, and we are proud of how we adapt our teaching to each student’s needs.

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