Our Students

As individualized as their education—a diverse mix of young minds

score-academy-kids.jpgOur individualized curriculum and flexible scheduling provide the best combination for a wide range of students, including those who:

  • Learn best in the smallest possible classroom
  • Want to be challenged to think critically, to ask questions, to learn why
  • Wish to accelerate their education
  • Have struggled in a traditional classroom
  • Are burdened by anxiety issues
  • Have demanding equestrian, acting, or other athletic or performance schedules
  • Are homebound

Using the latest technology, we also provide one-on-one teaching via the internet. Face-to-face teacher interaction makes learning available from just about any location!

Our Graduates

Score Academy has graduated 80+ students since 2009. Virtually all of our graduates have continued their education in 4-year universities and have been accepted by the following schools.

Ready for a school program built around your needs?

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