College Counseling

About 95% of our graduates have continued on to four-year universities across America!

A Score Academy education is geared towards college admission. Founding owner Judi Robinovitz, one of Florida's few Certified Educational Planners, guides the college planning and application process with the help of her senior staff of educational consultants.

Here’s what our students can expect:

Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors:

  • Mid-way through the school year, Judi leads a college-planning seminar for all students and parents about the college planning and admissions process, including an SAT/ACT testing calendar.


  • Juniors and their parents are invited to the seniors’ college-planning seminar that kicks off the application season in the fall, giving juniors an early taste of the process.
  • One of our experienced college counselors meets with each junior and his or her parents to create a preliminary college list at the beginning of second semester.
  • English teachers get juniors started on their college application essays toward the end of the school year.


  • Judi leads a college-planning seminar for all seniors and their parents about the college application process, including the responsibilities of the student, parent, and Score Academy staff.
  • Judi meets with each senior and his or her parents to create a college list at the beginning of first semester.
  • Seniors work on essays with their English teacher as part of the English curriculum or as part of our senior seminar series.
  • Senior core-academic teachers and the Head of School write recommendations for each senior.
  • Judi again meets with each senior and his or her family to discuss the final college list, making sure the list is appropriate and well balanced.
  • An educational consultant on our staff reviews and approves each senior’s online college applications.
  • Score Academy sends an official transcript and school profile to each college to which a student is applying.

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