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  • Is home-based schooling becoming a challenge for you?
  • Is your child falling behind or dedicated to getting ahead?
  • Is your child struggling with online learning?
  • Would you like tutoring and test prep from a single source?
  • Does your child need the benefits of 1-on-1 learning?
  • Do you want accredited teaching to finish the year?


Whatever challenges you’re experiencing with school, our experts can help.

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Accredited, Remote Learning Can Help Secure Your Child’s Future, Today.


Personalized Teaching

Our parents report higher grades, engagement, enthusiasm, and overall well-being.


Interaction Without Compromise

We use simple collaboration software that offers in-person teaching capabilities.


Specialized Instructors

Subject-matter experts from our 6 school locations ensure top guidance across any topic.

Score Academy Helps Students Thrive In Any Area

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History & Social Science Foreign Languages ESOL
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Whatever challenges you’re experiencing with school, our teachers can help.

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Our learning solutions aren’t about passing: they’re about mastery

Whether your child is falling behind or working to get ahead, at Score Academy, amazing results are achieved every day. Our expert academic programs provide students with all of the tools they need to succeed. As a professional private school, we combine three essential elements to achieve success: academic expertise, engaging professional teachers, and encouragement. We focus on instilling students with a love of learning and inspire them to score at the top of their potential.


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