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Highly-Experienced, Top-Rated Instructors


Custom Curriculums & Flexible Scheduling Options 


Expertise in All Academic Subjects and Grades K-12

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Score Academy: A Complete Academic Solution

  • Virtual or hybrid enrollment in our accredited school
  • A full day of live instruction
  • Structured calendar with minimal parental involvement
  • Small classes: 1-8 students/class

Score Core: We Match You with Other Students

  • 3 hours per day of live virtual instruction
  • Core curriculum courses only: English, Math, Science, Social Science
  • Small group classes: 1-8 students

Score Co-Op: You Host, We Teach

  • 3 hours per day of live virtual instruction
  • Core curriculum courses only: English, Math, Science, Social Science
  • Small group classes: 2-8 students

Individual Courses for Credit

  • Accredited courses: Regular through AP
  • 50+ hours of 1-on-1 instruction/semester

Structured Tutoring 

  • 1-on-1 support for any course
  • Teacher-led study hall available

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"Score At The Top is Awesome! All staff members are professional and caring individuals, collectively they are our second family. They believe in getting positive results by using teaching styles & methods that connects with the individual student. There is always an open door policy for both students and parents to express ideas, issues or just to chat. It’s been a pleasure and a blessing in being a part of Score Academy."

— Sharmain Nedrick

"Let me tell you Score Academy has honored our SENIOR like you wouldn’t believe! Sunday Peyton’s teacher’s delivered a sign for her front yard and dropped off a gift bag full of gifts for her on Tuesday. She was working when they dropped this stuff off so they drove to her work and surprised her just to say HI! They sent me the video capturing it all. So sweet! Then today we just got a video made by Peyton telling us how awesome we are! Thanks again Score Academy and Peyton for being AMAZING! You have no idea how much you both have changed our lives!"

— Tony & Merissa Meserve

"We love score. Amazing school for our son. The staff is truly wonderful and the school has made an incredible difference for our family. Would give six stars if possible."

— Rick Marcus

"My daughter arrived at Score Academy as a high school junior after spending two years at our local over crowded high school. She is excelling more than ever because of the small class sizes and caring staff. We are so grateful to have found this school!"

— Carla Azzata

"My daughter has been attending Score for quite a few years. We couldn’t be happier! The quality of the education is excellent, great commucation, great teachers! The school is always there to help for any reason. The class size is small school. Perfect for my daughter."

— Elynn Weisberg

Working with an Accredited Online School Can Help Secure Your Child’s Future


Small Class Sizes

Our online school offers small class sizes which allows for more personalized teaching.


Structured Online Classes

You can expect a daily class schedule and structured learning in our online academy.


Specialized Instructors

Subject-matter experts from our 6 school locations ensure top guidance across any topic.

Score Academy has the tools to help your child succeed this academic school year.

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Score Academy Helps Students Thrive In Any Area

English Math Science
History & Social Science Foreign Languages ESOL
AP Courses SAT/ACT Prep Courses For Credit
Study Skills LD & ADHD Support College Planning

Our experts can help your child stay ahead this school year with our online private school.

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Our online school solutions aren’t about passing: they’re about mastery

Whether your child is falling behind or working to get ahead, at Score Academy, amazing results are achieved every day. Our expert online academic programs provide students with all of the tools they need to succeed. As an accredited school, we combine three essential elements to achieve success: academic expertise, engaging professional instructors, and encouragement. We focus on instilling students with a love of learning and inspire them to score at the top of their potential.

If you want your child to excel in online school this fall, you need Score Academy.

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