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About Score Academy Private School

Score Academy Wellington offers a supportive family-oriented school environment in which students at all academic levels can thrive. Our teachers engage students with material, discussion, and inquiry that stimulates intellectual curiosity and encourages cultural sensitivity. The Wellington community is an international melting pot that cultivates an appreciation for diversity and fosters an atmosphere of inclusion. At Score Academy Wellington, teachers and staff take a holistic approach that inspires students and that helps them evolve into well rounded, inquisitive, truth-seeking, contributing members of society. 

Our main purpose is to ensure students are prepared to be successful in college and in professional careers of their choosing. We continually adjust curricula and provide extensive individual attention--accelerating or remediating the pace in each subject area as necessary--to accommodate various learning styles. We offer a combination of regular, honors, and AP level courses that deliver custom-designed academic programs; and we guide students toward achievement of their highest potential by balancing academic rigor with individual aspirations, learning challenges, and strengths and weaknesses. We offer students the option of combining one-on-one learning with group classes. We continually track progress, keeping parents informed on a weekly basis.

Score Academy Wellington serves both the local population of students and athletes of all sorts. We support many equestrians, since we are located just a few miles from the grounds of the world’s largest annual horse show, January through March each year. But we also educate many other athletes, including tennis players, golfers, hockey players, water skiers, dancers, and figure skaters. We offer specialized scheduling for athletes and others in need of non-traditional school solutions, delivering full-time, year-round live virtual instruction so students can continue their education no matter where they travel.


1035 South State Road 7
Suite 118

Wellington, FL 33414


Ph: (561) 907-8694
Fx: (561) 333-8840

Conveniently located near The Mall at Wellington Green, and surrounded by many excellent eateries, our students (with their parent’s permission) have many options to grab a bite to eat during lunch and/or after school.

Private School in Wellington

Score Academy has developed a strong reputation for being one of the most versatile and accommodating institutions across the scope of Florida private schools. Each of our programs is specially designed in a way that can adjust to the nonconformities of the traditional academic template. Each student is viewed as an individual who has a unique set of needs, interests, and ideal methods of learning.

The educators we employ are adept in gaining a strong understanding of how to properly accommodate the learning experience for every student.


We are equipped to provide a far-reaching education to Wellington students across subjects ranging from Math, Science, Humanities, Arts, Foreign Language, and much, much more. 

Within every program, we have the underlying goal to find the best ways for students to achieve academic success and improve their future outlook.


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Tiffany Holley

"This school has changed our daughter's life. For the first time, she likes school. She gets good grades and is treated /educated as an individual. Her instructors are brilliant at what they do, and I can say honestly we have never experienced such a dedicated, smart and genuinely caring staff anywhere else."


Dr. AnnMarie Semich

"Score At The Top has offered my daughter high quality tutoring in her most challenging classes. She is enjoying going and it has helped her achieve high test scores. I highly recommend them."


Nicole Aponte

"My daughter had problems in middle and high school, and, thankfully, Mrs. Yungling has helped her with her studies. Now she has stellar grades in all her classes. We count on her to help us through the next year."

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