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We offer a perfect solution for students whose activities conflict with a traditional school schedule!

Score Academy offers flexible 1-on-1 private schooling “on demand” – a perfect solution for students whose activities conflict with a traditional school schedule. Our SACS accreditation ensures that every course will meet the demands of the college-bound student.

Our core academic courses have been NCAA approved, and our AP courses and teachers have been certified by the College Board.

We bring a tradition of teaching excellence to you, when you need it, where you need it, with hundreds of course choices.

Wellington Equestrian Festival

Score Academy: The ONLY accredited school in Wellington that can cater to an equestrian's hectic schedule!

Less than ten minutes from the WEF show grounds, situated on South State Road 7 (across the street from Chipotle), Score Academy Wellington provides to the serious student and family an unsurpassed educational experience.

A fully-accredited private school, Score Academy has worked hand-in-hand with hometown (sending) schools across the country to meet and exceed academic expectations for their students who participate in Wellington’s Winter Equestrian Festival. In a classroom of two – the student rider and the teacher – we provide the best possible academic support through our expert teaching staff. Simply put, a rider won’t miss an academic beat during WEF season!

Scheduling is maximally flexible. Whether training in the mornings or afternoons, students will find us ready to support their academic needs. From language arts to AP Calculus, our teachers are available seven days a week. We pride ourselves on the daily communication with a student’s sending school and parents. In fact, daily notes and evaluations are sent by each teacher with whom a rider meets.

Our flexibility extends to curricular choices. We follow the sending school’s curriculum, class by class, or we can use our own curriculum – depending on the student's needs. We can email or fax a student’s work for grading back home, or we can take full responsibility for generating an official transcript for a student’s academic work with us.

No matter the need, Score Academy will work with you. Since 2001 we have provided outstanding riders with premier academic support.

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