1-on-1 Private Schooling


Score Academy is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) and AdvancED. We offer both full-time and part-time accredited private school opportunities to students who choose to learn in a 1-on-1 setting. Our AP courses and teachers are certified by the College Board, our core academic courses are accepted by the NCAA Eligibility Center, and we accept the McKay Scholarship.

Away from crowded classrooms, learners thrive in Score Academy's personalized surroundings. A student discovers, analyzes, questions, and learns – all at a pace suited to personal needs – led by our professional teaching staff in a comfortable classroom of two: student and teacher. Our success in providing 1-on-1 accredited schooling is achieved through flexibility as well as breadth of services and courses.

Your child’s personality and learning style will be matched to the right teachers to create a relationship that will help your child excel. Within that one-on-one learning relationship, we mentor; we elicit natural curiosity, and we support learning with a variety of strategies tailored to each subject, and, ultimately, to each student. No matter whether your student has a successful academic track record, or has struggled with schoolwork, we’ve got the personalities and resources to help, and we are proud of how we adapt our teaching to address each student’s needs.

Some students attend Score Academy because they want the best education – one provided exclusively in a 1-on-1 mentoring experience between teacher and student. Others come to us when they “hit a bump in the road” or because their learning disability or ADD/ADHD (attention deficit disorder) has negatively impacted schoolwork, and the traditional school setting no longer works. We help refocus and stabilize their education, so they can eventually choose whether to re-enter a traditional classroom or continue with our unique school. Still others come to us to advance their education because they learn more quickly and easily than others their age. Bored in a regular classroom, they need an accelerated and challenging curriculum in order to stay on track and make progress.

Whatever the reason, the Academy's 1-on-1 schooling is fluid enough to meet any situation. All Score Academy graduates have successfully continued their education in 4-year colleges.

A 1-on-1 education at Score Academy means that your child will learn in a traditional teacher-student classroom setting with ONE MAJOR EXCEPTION: he or she will be the only student in the classroom with the teacher! Your child will have teachers who specialize in each subject; together, they will follow a schedule of daily classes designed for your child.

Getting Started

Our Head of School will work with you to design and implement an academic program that matches the best teachers with an optimum schedule to fulfill your child’s needs.

A typical full-time student takes 4-5 core academic courses and up to 2 electives each semester. The student will attend 1-on-1 classes for approximately 20 hours/week, usually Monday through Friday. Some students, however, prefer to attend school four days/week, giving them more time to pursue other activities.

We also create special programs for part-time students, such as a plan that combines independent study with scheduled class time (that works well for a motivated, high-achieving student) or one in which a student takes some classes at Score Academy and other classes in a traditional school or on their own. Some students need a teacher for core curriculum classes but only need supervision for electives.

Our 1-on-1 school can also incorporate Florida Virtual School for some or all of the classes, with a Score Academy teacher to successfully mentor the student through the curriculum. In this case, fewer contact hours may be needed.

Open Enrollment

We register students on a rolling basis throughout the year. In fact, it’s not unusual to meet with a parent one day and start the student in classes a day or two later. We recognize the importance of continuity of education, and so we set up a schedule to get the student started as soon as possible.

You can follow any school’s calendar or create your own calendar. This flexibility aids us in creating a successful education plan for your child. You, the parent, collaborate with us on a calendar that meets the needs of your child and family.

A student can easily transition into a private or public school after studying at Score Academy. We can even use the same curriculum as the school in which you plan to enroll your child – a seamless transition!

Flexible Scheduling

As a SACS-accredited institution with flexible scheduling, Score Academy offers 1-on-1 private schooling “on demand” – a perfect solution for students whose activities conflict with a traditional school day.

An amateur athlete, actor, or student with an unusual schedule can earn a high-school diploma or complete his or her current grade in school with courses through Score Academy.

Our Wellington Academy, just a few minutes from the international Winter Equestrian Festival venue, has successfully assisted riders and their families from across the nation in fulfilling their hometown school’s requirements during the months of the W.E.F. competition in Florida. Score Academy of Wellington is the equestrian community’s leading accredited school in Palm Beach County.

Responding to a student’s needs, we bring a tradition of teaching excellence to you, when you need it, where you need it, with hundreds of course choices.

A Typical School Day

The school day can start as early or as late as necessary, based on the time of day when your child learns best, and taking outside activities into consideration. Some students have a short study hall following each class, while other students attend classes consecutively with short breaks between classes in order to be released earlier in the day. Some students have one study hall every day in order to reduce homework time at home. A popular option is early release on Fridays.

Here is an example of a high school schedule (remember, each student’s schedule is individualized):


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 H English H English H English H English H English
10:00 Study Hall P.E. 
(Golf with 
PGA Pro)
Study Hall P.E. 
(Golf with 
PGA Pro)
Cmptr Apps
10:30 Chem + Lab Chem + Lab Algebra
12:00 Lunch Chem + Lab Lunch Chem + Lab Lunch/Study Hall
12:30 Cmptr Apps Cmptr Apps
1:00 Algebra II Lunch Algebra II Lunch Spanish III
1:30 Spanish III Spanish III
2:30 H Gov/Econ H Gov/Econ H Gov/Econ H Gov/Econ  
3:30   Study Hall   Study Hall


And here is an example of a middle school schedule:


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 Math Math Math Math Health
10:00 Science Science Study Hall Science Science
11:00 Spanish W History W History Spanish W History
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:30 Math Lab Study Hall Study Hall Math Lab Study Hall
1:30 English English Health English English


Like any other school, we give students homework, research assignments, scheduled tests, and quizzes. However, the amount of work each student gets is tailored to the student’s needs and academic goals.

Our Curriculum

Score Academy matches the curriculum to each student’s learning style and personal goals. Because one curriculum does not fit all students, we will recommend the best one to fulfill your educational plan. We offer courses in all subject areas across all grade levels, from kindergarten through grade 12, and at all educational levels, from remedial and regular to honors and Advanced Placement. Our AP curriculum and teaching staff have been certified by the College Board, and our core academic courses are accepted by the NCAA, allowing athletes to incorporate these grades into their eligibility GPA.

In addition to Score Academy’s own curriculum, we have successfully used other accredited curricula, including:

Our Teachers

We are degreed experts with extensive subject knowledge and significant teaching or tutoring experience. We possess a passion for teaching coupled with a thorough understanding of our subjects, expert study skills, and effective communication skills. Teaching 1-on-1 based upon a student’s unique learning style requires real expertise – and we at Score Academy have it. Because our learning community relies as much on our outgoing personalities as it does on our academic expertise, you’ll find that our enthusiasm for teaching and learning is contagious. We truly engage a student in the learning process.

Your child’s personality and learning style inform our choice of the right teachers. No matter whether your student has a successful academic track record, or has struggled with schoolwork, we’ve got the personalities and resources to help, and we are proud of how we adapt our teaching to address each student’s needs.

Parent Communication

After each class, your child’s teacher will prepare a session recap that will be reviewed by the Head of School and then emailed to you. The recap will contain a summary of the material covered, the student’s level of understanding, the homework grade from the previous day and the next homework assignment, as well as a rating of the student's energy, preparation, and progress.

Score Academy issues report cards on a quarterly basis and an official transcript at the end of each school year. Teacher conferences are scheduled each semester, and the Head of School is available at any time to discuss your child's progress, curriculum, teachers, and schedule.

Score Academy offers the Stanford Achievement Test on an annual basis to measure students’ academic progress and pinpoint areas for improvement or acceleration.