School Resource Links 2020-2021

Your source for everything related to Score Academy Boca's 2020-2021 School Year

    1. 2020-2021 Schedule: Student schedules are emailed to each student/parent individually. Please email to receive a copy of a student’s schedule.

    2. Reopening Plan Fall 2020 Boca Supplement: This is a supplement to specifically outline the rules, policies, procedures and expectations for our Boca Raton campus.

    3. District Reopening Plan Fall 2020: All parents received this at the end of the July. It’s the detailed plan for the Score Academy School District.

    4. Student Parent Handbook 2020-2021: This is the universal handbook for all Score Academy campuses.

    5. Guide for Students & Parents: This is the specific guide for how Boca does things. This also contains all of the forms parents need to complete and email by Monday, August 24, 2020.

    6. 2020-2021 Staff Virtual Rooms & Contact Info: This is a list of links for all staff members…and email addresses for each.

    7. Staff Bios 2020-2021: You’ll find a picture and bio for each staff member.

    8. MAP Testing: We will be administering standardized testing at the end of August and this sheet will help families be prepared.

    9. My Schoolworx™ Access: Information to help you log in to your My SchoolWorx™ account.

    10. Community Service Form: This can be copied and used forever for reporting community service hours. It also details Score Academy requirements.

    11. FHSAA Athletic Participation Forms: This is to be used if the student plans to participate in sports and be on a team for your zoned public high school.

    12. Athletic Credit 2020-2021: This is for our student athletes who play and train for year-round sport (tennis, golf, swimming, baseball, etc.). They can receive pass/fail PE credits based on their number of hours of training.

    13. 2020-2021 Club Form Semester 1: These are the club choices for semester 1 for all students in grades 8-12.

    14. Score College Admissions Handbook Class of 2021: The detailed and comprehensive handbook authored by Judi. Seniors and their parents will need this for the mandatory College Planning Night for seniors. See calendar in the Guide.

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